At Lloyd Rebar Company LLC, our company prides itself on quality rebar fabrication and equipment innovation. Our team works relentlessly to deliver products accurately and on time to meet our customers’ needs. Rebar is our passion.

Customer service is the focus of our sales and project management teams. We understand that job schedules and conditions change, and we work closely with our customers to deliver quality products with a fast turnaround. Communication and attention to detail are of utmost importance.

Our 150,000 square feet of fabrication space in Shelby, OH, is filled with the newest and most advanced robotic equipment in the industry, including machinery from Schilt Engineering, KRB, and Schnell. We proudly serve all areas of the USA but focus heavily on Ohio and surrounding states.

For more information, or to get started on your rebar fabrication quote, contact us today at 419-775-6661 or request a quote.


We understand the importance of rebar detailing on construction projects of all sizes. Lloyd Rebar Company LLC works with customers and engineering teams to provide precise and accurate drawings. Our in-house detailers use state-of-the-art software from ALLPLAN and aSa in our detailing process. Bar lists, detailed placement drawings, and 3D BIM renderings help field personnel install rebar accurately on the jobsite. Ask us about sharable interactive 3D models that allow you to see rebar from all angles for additional clarity in the field to minimize delays and eliminate errors before they occur.


Our skilled fabrication team is available to pre-assemble material for delivery to the jobsite. Contact us with your project specific needs.