Concrete Reinforcing Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh Installation

Moving and preparing a load of concrete reinforcing wire mesh for installation on a job site.

Reinforcing Wire Mesh

Mesh, also known as welded wire fabric, is used in a variety of construction applications. One of the main benefits of mesh is not having to tie rebar on the job site, which can reduce time and money. The experts at Lloyd Rebar are happy to discuss with you whether wire mesh is suitable for your project requirements.

We stock all standard sizes, including 6x6 and 4x4 in a variety of wire diameters, resulting in our customers being able to get their products quickly. Lloyd Rebar provides custom engineered mesh and bent mesh specific for your project which saves your company time and money tying large rebar slabs.

Please contact us with any questions you have regarding wire mesh for your upcoming project.

Reinforcing Concrete Wire Mesh Size Chart